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   Copier Supplies  
   Canon Printer Supplies  
  Canon BC, BJC, CJ, EPL, EPA, LBP, Image Runner, Starwriter  
  EPL BC32 BJI201 BJ820 BJC6043 Image Runner 550
  EPA   BJC35 BJ230 LBP 860 BJC7000 Image Runner 600
  EPP BJ30 BJ300 BJC4000 BJC7002 Image Runner 2200
  BC01 BC40 LBP360 BJC4200 BJC7004 Image Runner 2800
  BC05 BJ70 LBP 430 BJC4300 BJC5000 Image Runner 3100
  CJ7 BJC70 LBP 460 BJC 4500 Starwriter 300 Image Runner 3200
  CJ10 BJC80 CLC500 BJC4550 Starwriter 350C Image Runner 3300
  BJ10E BJC240 B540 BJC6000 Img Rnnr 300  
  BC13PC BJC250 B550 BJC6027 Img Rnnr 330 ImageRunner C5030  
  BC31 BJ200 B640 BJC6042 Img Rnnr 400 ImageRunner C5035  
  Canon PC Models          
  PC1 PC10 PC65 PC330 PC550 PC775 PC980
  PC2 PC11 PC210 PC330L PC710 PC780 PC1060
  PC3 PC12 PC230 PC355 PC720 PC790 PC1080
  PC5 PC14 PC300 PC400 PC730 PC795  
  PC6 PC20 PC310 PC420 PC740 PC810  
  PC7 PC24 PC320 PC430 PC745 PC850  
  PC8 PC25 PC325 PC530 PC770 PC920  
  Canon GP, NP and NPG Models        
  NPG2 NP115 NP400F NP2025 NP3725EF NP6012F NP6521
  NPG3 NP120 NP500 NP2120 NP3825 NP6025 NP6621
  NPG4 NP125 NP1010 NP2215 NP4000 NP6030 NP6650
  NPG5 NP150 NP1020 NP2215S NP4035 NPG 6035 NP7000
  NPG7 NP155 NP1200 NP3000 NP4040 NPG 6036 NP7050
  NPG9 NP155F NP1215 NP3025 4050 NP6045 NP7130
  NPG10 GP200 NP1215S NP3025F 4080 NP6050 NP7500
  NPG11 GP200F NP1218 NP3030 NP4540 NP6080 NP7550
  NPG12A NP250F NP1500 NP3050 NP4835 NP6150 NP8000
  NPG13 NP270 NP1520 NP3225 NP4835i N6230 NP8070
  NPG14 NP300 NP1820 NP3325 NP4835S N6240 NP8530
  GP30F GP300F NP2000 NP3516 NP4835E NP6300 NP8570
  GP55F NP350 NP2015 NP3525 NP6000 NP6412 NP8580
  NP112 NP400 NP2020 NP3725 NP6012 NP6412F NP9120
  Canon C, CLC L, and other copier models    
  CJ7 C122 C1801 ii CLC300 CLC700 CLC1120 8500
  CJ10 C122F CLC200 CLC350 CLC800 CLC1150 9000
  CLC100 C150 C200D C400D CLC900 CLC2400 9500
  C120 C160 C300 CLC500 CLC1000 C5000 9800
  C120F C180 C330D CLC550 CLC1100 L7500 C2500
    CLC300   CLC200  CLC350  CLC1000   C3000
   Canon Fax Machine Supplies  
  L500 B640 L770 L785 L5000 8500  
  B540 L700 L775 L790 L5500 9000  
  B550 L760 L777 LC4000     L6000 9500  
      L780 LC4500 L7000 9800  
   Canon Laser/Inkjet Printers / Scanners  
  BJC-50 Bubblejet   BJC 4550 Bubblejet  
  BJC-80 Bubblejet  MJC2100 Color  
  BJC-85 Portable Inkjet  BJC-250 Bubblejet  
  BJC-4400 Bubblejet BJC-55 Portable Inkjet   
  BJC-5000 Bubblejet      
   Fax Machines  

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